Best answer: How do I install an AdventureWorks database in SQL Server 2012?

How do I import an AdventureWorks database into SQL Server?

Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and connect to your SQL Server in. Right-click Databases in Object Explorer > Restore Database… to launch the Restore Database wizard. Select Device and then select the ellipses (…) to choose a device. Select Add and then choose the .

How do I install AdventureWorks Bak on SQL Server 2012?

Right Click on Databases > Attach and click Add… > select the AdventureWorks mdf file.

  1. Notice the message above in front of log file “Not Found”. …
  2. By using SQL Server Management Studio we cannot simply attach the sample database “AdventureWorks” without the log file.

How do I install AdventureWorks database?

Launch SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Connect to SQL Server instance where you want to install this sample database. Right click on “Databases” and click “Restore Database…”. The below window will open, select the backup file by clicking the Device radio button and then click … to select the backup file.

What is AdventureWorks DB?

AdventureWorks Database is a Microsoft product sample for an online transaction processing (OLTP) database. The AdventureWorks Database supports a fictitious, multinational manufacturing company called Adventure Works Cycles.

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Is AdventureWorks database free?

This database is provided by Microsoft and is free to download. For more for more info and detailed instruction see the Adventureworks Github page here. Instructions for downloading and installing the AdventureWorks Database: … Restore the database using the SQL Server Management Studio user interface.

How do I connect to a local SQL Server?

Use SSMS to Connect to the Local Default Instance

  1. For Server Type it is Database Engine.
  2. For the Server Name, we can simply use a dot (.) which will connect to the local default instance of SQL Server.
  3. For the Authentication you can select Windows or SQL Server. …
  4. Then click Connect.

How do I extract a BAK file?

Back up the database into a BAK file

  1. Open the SQL Studio Manager.
  2. Select the database instance to back up in the left navigation pane.
  3. Right click > Tasks > Backup.
  4. For Destination, select Disk. The destination file should have the extension *. BAK.

How do you convert bak to MDF?

a BAK is a backup file of SQL Server. To “convert” it to a database file MDF you simply have to restore this backupo file as a new database.

What is the Northwind database?

Details. The Northwind database is a sample database used by Microsoft to demonstrate the features of some of its products, including SQL Server. The database contains the sales data for Northwind Traders, a fictitious speciality foods export/import company.

What are the tables in AdventureWorks database?


  • Business Entities.
  • People. Tables. Person.Address. …
  • Human Resources. Tables. HumanResources.Department. …
  • Products. Tables. Production.Culture. …
  • Manufacturing. Tables. Production.BillOfMaterials. …
  • Purchasing. Tables. Purchasing.ProductVendor. …
  • Inventory. Tables. Production.Location. …
  • Sales. Tables. Sales.CountryRegionCurrency.
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How do I download Northwind database?

To install Northwind directly from within Access, do the following things:

  1. Open Access.
  2. Enter Northwind in the Search for Online Templates box, and then select Enter.
  3. On the results screen, select Northwind. …
  4. In the new window, in the File Name text box, provide a filename for your copy of the Northwind database.

What is OLTP example?

An OLTP system is an accessible data processing system in today’s enterprises. Some examples of OLTP systems include order entry, retail sales, and financial transaction systems. … OLTP is often integrated into service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services.