Best answer: What does closest mean in JavaScript?

What is closest function in JavaScript?

closest() The closest() method traverses the Element and its parents (heading toward the document root) until it finds a node that matches the provided selector string. Will return itself or the matching ancestor. If no such element exists, it returns null .

What does jQuery closest do?

The closest() is an inbuilt method in jQuery that returns the first ancestor of the selected element in the DOM tree. This method traverse upwards from the current element in the search of first ancestor of the element.

What does item mean in JavaScript?

The item() method returns a node at the specified index in a NodeList object.

What is .this in JavaScript?

What is “this” keyword in JavaScript. this keyword refers to an object, that object which is executing the current bit of javascript code. In other words, every javascript function while executing has a reference to its current execution context, called this.

Where is the closest P tag jQuery?

id=” + $(this). attr(“id”), contentType: ‘application/json; charset=utf-8’, dataType: ‘json’, success: function(data) { $(this). closest(‘p’). text(data); } }); }); });

Is not defined JavaScript jQuery?

It means that your jQuery library has not been loaded yet. You can move your code after pulling jQuery library. This fires after the DOM has loaded, but not when controls, javascript and other programs running in the background has loaded. A time delay would need to be used for this to work.

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What is the difference between NodeList and array?

an array discussion: a NodeList is a collection of nodes that can be used to access and manipulate DOM elements, while an array is a JavaScript object which can hold more than one value at a time. Both NodeLists and arrays have their own prototypes, methods, and properties.

What is a NodeList in JavaScript?

A NodeList object is a list (collection) of nodes extracted from a document. A NodeList object is almost the same as an HTMLCollection object. … All browsers return a NodeList object for the property childNodes . Most browsers return a NodeList object for the method querySelectorAll() .

What is the difference between NodeList and HTMLCollection?

What is the difference between a HTMLCollection and a NodeList? A HTMLCollection contains only element nodes (tags) and a NodeList contains all nodes. Whitespace inside elements is considered as text, and text is considered as nodes.