How can I upgrade the MySQL version included in xampp?

How do I update the latest version of MySQL MariaDB in xampp?

6 Answers

  1. Shutdown or Quit your XAMPP server from Xampp control panel.
  2. Download the ZIP version of MariaDB.
  3. Rename the xampp/mysql folder to mysql_old.
  4. Unzip or Extract the contents of the MariaDB ZIP file into your XAMPP folder.
  5. Rename the MariaDB folder, called something like mariadb-5.5.

How do I upgrade to the latest version of MySQL?

To perform an upgrade using MySQL Installer:

  1. Start MySQL Installer.
  2. From the dashboard, click Catalog to download the latest changes to the catalog. …
  3. Click Upgrade. …
  4. Deselect all but the MySQL server product, unless you intend to upgrade other products at this time, and click Next.
  5. Click Execute to start the download.

Is MySQL included in xampp?

4 Answers. XAMPP only offers MySQL (Database Server) & Apache (Webserver) in one setup and you can manage them with the xampp starter. Press the start Button at the mysql row.

What is the latest version of MySQL?

The MySQL Cluster product uses version 7.

Release history.

Release 8.0
General availability 19 April 2018
Latest minor version 8.0.26
Latest release 2021-07-20
End of support Apr 2026
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How do I upgrade to latest version of xampp?

So let’s get things underway!

  1. Backup Website Files. You would find all the website files under xampphtdocs directory. …
  2. Uninstall the Previous Version of XAMPP. …
  3. Install the Latest Version of XAMPP. …
  4. Update XAMPP: Tweak PHP Settings. …
  5. Restore the Files and Import Databases.

What is the latest version of MariaDB?

The current stable series is MariaDB 10.6 and the current development series is MariaDB 10.7.

  • Release Notes – MariaDB 10.6 Series.
  • Release Notes – MariaDB 10.5 Series.
  • Release Notes – MariaDB 10.4 Series.

What is MariaDB vs MySQL?

MariaDB vs MySQL Differences

Even though MariaDB is a fork of MySQL, these two database management systems are still quite different: MariaDB is fully GPL licensed while MySQL takes a dual-license approach. Each handle thread pools in a different way. MariaDB supports a lot of different storage engines.

What are the two common options to upgrade MySQL?

In general, there are two types of MySQL upgrades: In place, where you use existing datadir against the new MySQL major version, with just running mysql_upgrade after binaries are upgraded, SQL dump on an old version and then restore it on a new version (using mysqldump utility or alternatives, like mydumper).

How do I update a minor in MySQL?

A minor upgrade is relatively easy to perform – most of the time, all you need to do is to just install the new version using the package manager of your distribution. Once you do that, you need to ensure that MySQL has been started after the upgrade and then you should run the mysql_upgrade script.

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How do I upgrade to MySQL 8?

All you need to do is to run apt upgrade or yum update and you are all set. The upgrade is even more convenient – in the past one had to keep in mind to run mysql_upgrade to ensure all system tables are properly upgraded to the format required by the new version of MySQL. In MySQL 8.0, starting from MySQL 8.0.