How do I change the cursor in SQL?

How do I change my cursor back to vertical?

Switching between these modes happens by pressing the Insert key on your keyboard (usually there are two of them, one somewhere above of the arrow keys and another on the Num Pad). This can happen when trying to press the Delete key – the Insert key is to left side of Delete. Press Insert again to correct this.

Why is my cursor sideways?

Why does my cursor/arrow turn sideways/horizontal and thjere is an arrow on each end? When the mouse pointer becomes a double-headed arrow that means it is positioned on the edge of a window. Hold down the left mouse button and you’ll be able to ‘drag’ the window to a different size.

Why is my cursor a vertical line?

Most likely this is caused by an issue with your video card device driver, Windows update may have installed an incompatible version of that driver . . Power to the Developer! I just uninstalled and rebooted the computer. Mouse cursor is back to normal but the cursor seems to change on and off.

How do I get my default cursor back on custom cursor?

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  1. Click on windows start orb and type mouse and select mouse.
  2. Go to the pointers tab and at the bottom you should see allow themes to change mouse pointers, uncheck it and press OK.
  3. Try to apply your custom mouse and see if upon restart windows still brings back your mouse to the default one.
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How do I get rid of the thick blinking cursor?

In the PC Settings Menu select Ease of Access. In the Ease of Access Menu select Other Options. At the bottom of the page in the Visual Options section see the Cursor Thickness Slider and slide it all the way to the left.

How do you make your cursor a different color?

Make your mouse more visible by changing the color and size of the mouse pointer. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Ease of Access > Cursor & pointer , and choose the options that work best for you.