How do I debug JavaScript bundles in Firefox?

How do I debug a JavaScript bundle?


  1. Open any web site.
  2. Open developer tools in chrome by pressing F12 /Ctrl + Shift + I/ right-click anywhere inside the web page and select Inspect/Inspect Element which will be mostly the last option.
  3. Go to Sources tab in developer tools and open any minified JS which you want to debug as shown in the image.

What is the name of the JavaScript Debugger add on for Firefox?

Both Firefox’s built-in developer tools and the Firebug add-on use Debugger to implement their JavaScript debuggers.

Is there a JavaScript debugger?

JavaScript Debuggers

Debugging is not easy. But fortunately, all modern browsers have a built-in JavaScript debugger. … Normally, otherwise follow the steps at the bottom of this page, you activate debugging in your browser with the F12 key, and select “Console” in the debugger menu.

How do I debug my browser?

To get to the debugger:

  1. Firefox: Select ➤ Web Developer ➤ Debugger or press Ctrl + Shift + S to open the JavaScript Debugger. …
  2. Chrome: Open the Developer tools and then select the Sources tab. …
  3. Edge and Internet Explorer 11: Press F12 and then, Ctrl + 3 , or if the tools are already displayed, click on the Debugger tab.
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How do I know if JavaScript is enabled in Firefox?

In the address bar, type “about:config” (with no quotes), and press Enter. In the search bar, search for “javascript. enabled” (with no quotes).

How do you debug?

7 Steps to Debug Efficiently and Effectively

  1. 1) Always Reproduce the Bug Before You Start Changing Code.
  2. 2) Understand Stack Traces.
  3. 3) Write a Test Case that Reproduces the Bug.
  4. 4) Know Your Error Codes.
  5. 5) Google! Bing! Duck! Duck! Go!
  6. 6) Pair Program Your Way Out of It.
  7. 7) Celebrate Your Fix.

What tools and techniques do you use debugging JavaScript code?

The best JavaScript debugging tools for 2021 and beyond

  1. Developer tools in modern web browsers. Every modern browser has tools available within it to debug code. …
  2. The hackable debug tool — debugger. …
  3. Node. …
  4. Postman for debugging requests and responses. …
  5. ESLint. …
  6. JS Bin. …
  7. JSON Formatter and Validator. …
  8. Webpack.

How do you use debugger?

Set a breakpoint and start the debugger

  1. To debug, you need to start your app with the debugger attached to the app process. …
  2. Press F5 (Debug > Start Debugging) or the Start Debugging button. …
  3. To start your app with the debugger attached, press F11 (Debug > Step Into).

How do I debug REST API?

Use the following methods to debug a REST application.

  1. Check the HTTP response code. Commonly used response codes include the following: 200. …
  2. Check the response message in the HTTP header for additional information.
  3. Check the log files for any relevant messages. Messages might appear in the following files:
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How do I debug API?

Debugging an API request

  1. Download and install Postman. This free App will let you simulate requests to the API.
  2. In Postman, set up the same request you’re doing in your code by setting the endpoint, http method, and body/params. …
  3. Click on “Generate Code” and select cURL from the list.

How do I use console debugger?

To open the Debug Console, use the Debug Console action at the top of the Debug pane or use the View: Debug Console command (Ctrl+Shift+Y). Expressions are evaluated after you press Enter and the Debug Console REPL shows suggestions as you type.