How do I fix Lock wait timeout exceeded try restarting transaction in MySQL?

How can solve lock wait timeout exceeded try restarting transaction in mysql?


  1. Make sure the database tables are using InnoDB storage engine and READ-COMMITTED transaction isolation level.
  2. If the the above configuration is correct then please try to increase the database server innodb_lock_wait_timeout variable to 500.

How do you fix lock wait timeout exceeded try restarting transaction?

MySql Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

  1. Enter MySQL. mysql -u your_user -p.
  2. Let’s see the list of locked tables. mysql> show open tables where in_use>0;
  3. Let’s see the list of the current processes, one of them is locking your table(s) mysql> show processlist;
  4. Kill one of these processes.

How do you resolve lock wait timeout exceeded?

ERROR 1205 (HY000): Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

  1. To resolve contention when two or more transactions are writing to the same row (in the same order), add indexes on the columns being updated. …
  2. You can decrease the lock_wait_timeout value to more quickly fail a query that is blocked by a lock.

What is lock wait timeout in mysql?

A lock wait timeout results when one user gets a lock on some data and holds it while another user tries to access it. If the first user doesn’t unlock the data, the second one will time out after a while. The database will respond to the second user with an error message saying their lock wait was too long.

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How do I fix MySQL timeout?

Change the MySQL timeout on a server

  1. Log in to your server by using Secure Shell® (SSH).
  2. Use the sudo command to edit my. …
  3. Locate the timeout configuration and make the adjustments that fit your server. …
  4. Save the changes and exit the editor.

What Causes lock wait timeout exceeded try restarting transaction?

The common causes are: The offensive transaction is not fast enough to commit or rollback the transaction within innodb_lock_wait_timeout duration. The offensive transaction is waiting for row lock to be released by another transaction.

Is it safe to increase Innodb_lock_wait_timeout?

Changing the timeout to 1 is quite safe (once you understand GLOBAL vs SESSION). The only thing that will change is the frequency of getting that error.

What is lock wait?

A lock wait occurs when a transaction tries to obtain a lock on a resource that is already held by another transaction. When the duration of the lock wait time is extended, this results in a slow down of SQL query execution.

How do I stop a MySQL table from locking?

Option 3: Third option to prevent table locks with MySQL database is to use AUTOCOMMIT on the database level. This will prevent table locks from occurring unintentionally during report execution since all the transactions are committed after they are executed without additional commit commands.

How do I lock a table in MySQL?

LOCK TABLES works as follows:

  1. Sort all tables to be locked in an internally defined order (from the user standpoint the order is undefined).
  2. If a table is locked with a read and a write lock, put the write lock before the read lock.
  3. Lock one table at a time until the thread gets all locks.
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