How do I go back in SQL Plus?

How do I go back to the previous line in SQL?

You can’t “move the cursor” but you can “bring back” line 2. list 2 or l 2 (you do need to know which line you need to go back to – however, in a short command like that, only five lines, you can try l 2 and if it’s the wrong line then you can try l 3 etc.)

How do I go to a previous line in Oracle?

The context column indicates where in the application each action would be used.

General Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts.

Action Basic Mode Context
Go to previous page CTRL+ALT+, (comma) Application
Go to next page CTRL+ALT+. (period) Application

How do I rollback in SQL Plus?

There is no rollback of the rollback if that is what you are asking… the only way you will get this “undone” is to re-execute all statements executed between the last commit before the rollback and that rollback (in the same order!)…

How do I get out of Sqlplus?

To exit SQL*Plus command-line, enter EXIT. To exit the Windows GUI, enter EXIT or select Exit from the File menu.

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Which SQL keyword is used to retrieve a maximum value?

MAX() is the SQL keyword is used to retrieve the maximum value in the selected column.

How do I find previous rows in MySQL?

You can use UNION to get the previous and next record in MySQL. Insert some records in the table using insert command. Display all records from the table using select statement.

How do I change the code in SQL Plus?

You can use a number of SQL*Plus commands to edit the SQL command or PL/SQL block currently stored in the buffer.

Table 3-1 SQL*Plus Editing Commands.

Command Abbreviation Purpose
CHANGE /old/new C /old/new changes old to new in a line
CHANGE /text C /text deletes text from a line
CLEAR BUFFER CL BUFF deletes all lines
DEL (none) deletes the current line

How do I edit a SQL query in notepad?

Use the “ed” command, to call notepad. On notepad, you can modify the query. Then close the window and click on Yes to replace the changes to the buffer. Notice that when you use the “ed” command in the sqlplus, your defined editor will bring the last SQL statement from Oracle buffer.

Which key can you press to activate the Go To command?

Working in ribbon tabs with the keyboard

To do this Press
Display the shortcut menu for the selected item Shift+F10
Move the focus to a different pane of the window F6
Move to the next or previous command on the ribbon The Tab key or Shift+Tab
Activate the selected command or control on the ribbon Spacebar or Enter
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DML stands for “Data Manipulation Language”. … DDL stands for “Data Definition Language”. A DDL operation includes CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX, among other operations. The Rollback statement undoes all changes for the current session up to the savepoint specified.


After you commit the transaction, the changes are visible to other users’ statements that execute after the commit. You can roll back (undo) any changes made during the transaction with the ROLLBACK statement (see ROLLBACK.


You can see that the syntax of the rollback SQL statement is simple. You just have to write the statement ROLLBACK TRANSACTION, followed by the name of the transaction that you want to rollback.