How do I rollback a trigger in MySQL?

Can we use rollback in trigger?

2 Answers. Yes. You do need to write the explicit INSERT or UPDATE . The trigger runs INSTEAD OF the DML operation.

How do I rollback a MySQL query?

You will need set AUTOCOMMIT=0 , and after you can issue COMMIT or ROLLBACK at the end of query or session to submit or cancel a transaction. You can only do so during a transaction. Basically: If you’re doing a transaction just do a rollback. Otherwise, you can’t “undo” a MySQL query.

Can we rollback after COMMIT in MySQL?

No, there’s no query that will “undo” a committed data-modifying query. If you have a backup of the database, you can restore the backup and use DBA tools (in MySQL’s case, it’s mysqlbinlog) to “replay” all data-modifying queries from the logs since the backup back to the database, but skip over the problem query.

How do I edit a trigger in MySQL?

To modify a DML trigger

Expand the database that you want, expand Tables, and then expand the table that contains the trigger that you want to modify. Expand Triggers, right-click the trigger to modify, and then click Modify. Modify the trigger, and then click Execute.

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Can we write COMMIT inside a trigger?

Yes, you can commit inside the trigger. But for this you have to make this trigger transaction to be an Independent transaction from its parent transaction, you can do this by using Pragma. Pragma AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION allow you to build the Independent (child) Transaction, started by another.

What are two main types of triggers?

There are two types of triggers.

  • BEFORE trigger: – This trigger is called before the execution of the DML statement. …
  • After Trigger: – this trigger is called after once DML statement is executed. …
  • Combination of triggers: – We can have combination of row, statement, BEFORE and AFTER triggers.

Why ROLLBACK is not working in MySQL?

You should be able to rollback your transaction as the table engine is InnoDB. … and make sure that you are not using COMMIT after the Query which you need to rollback. Refer Table Engines and Transaction. And When a DB connection is created, it is in auto-commit mode by default.

How do I ROLLBACK a delete in MySQL?

If you haven’t made a backup, you are pretty much fudged. Use the BEGIN TRANSACTION command before starting queries. So that you can ROLLBACK things at any point of time.


  1. select * from Student.
  2. delete from Student where Id=2.
  3. select * from Student.
  4. rollback.
  5. select * from Student.

Can I rollback after commit?

1 Answer. No, you can’t undo, rollback or reverse a commit.

What does rollback do just after commit?

ROLLBACK in SQL is a transactional control language which is used to undo the transactions that have not been saved in database. The command is only be used to undo changes since the last COMMIT.

Difference between COMMIT and ROLLBACK :

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When transaction is successful, COMMIT is applied. When transaction is aborted, ROLLBACK occurs.

Can we rollback to SAVEPOINT after commit?

The SAVEPOINT statement names and marks the current point in the processing of a transaction. A simple rollback or commit erases all savepoints. … When you roll back to a savepoint, any savepoints marked after that savepoint are erased.