How do I run a PHP file in node server?

How do I run a PHP file in node?

Node JS Script:

  1. var phpScriptPath = “path/to/your/php/script.php”;
  2. var argsString = “value1,value2,value3”;
  3. runner. exec(“php ” + phpScriptPath + ” ” +argsString, function(err, phpResponse, stderr) {
  4. if(err) console. log(err); /* log error */
  5. console. log( phpResponse );

Can I run PHP on node server?

You can run PHP as with any web-server, using the SPHP module for node. It’s compatible but not dependent on express. It also supports websockets requests on the HTTP port.

Can we run PHP files on a server?

The preferred way of running PHP files is within a web server like Apache, Nginx, or IIS—this allows you to run PHP scripts from your browser. That’s how all PHP websites work! The other way is to run PHP scripts on the command line, and it doesn’t require you to set up a web server.

How do I run a PHP file?

Open up any Web browser on your desktop and enter “localhost” into the address box. The browser will open a list of files stored under the “HTDocs” folder on your computer. Click on the link to a PHP file and open it to run a script.

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Can I use node js instead of PHP?

So the final answer on what to choose between PHP vs Nodejs lies in understanding the features your web project requires. With its performance and ease of development advantages, it’s best to use Nodejs to build: Real-time applications such as instant messengers. A dynamic single page application.

Can you use NPM with PHP?

You can think of these npm modules as library dependencies that may be satisfied with Composer if you are coming from PHP land. In fact, the default dependencies management system for PHP (Composer) was inspired by Node. js according the official site.

How do I install PHP?

How to Install PHP

  1. Step 1: Download the PHP files. You’ll need the PHP Windows installer. …
  2. Step 2: Extract the files. …
  3. Step 3: Configure php. …
  4. Step 4: Add C:php to the path environment variable. …
  5. Step 5: Configure PHP as an Apache module. …
  6. Step 6: Test a PHP file.

What is child process in node JS?

The Node. js child process module provides the ability to spawn child processes in a similar manner to popen(3). There are three major way to create child process: child_process. exec() method: This method runs a command in a console and buffers the output.

How do I run a local PHP server?

2. Usage

  1. Starting a server. php -S localhost:8000. It will treat current directory as the document root directory and if a request does not specify a file, then either index. …
  2. Specifying a document root directory. php -S localhost:8000 -t foo/ …
  3. Using router file. php -S localhost:8000 router.php.
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How do I run a PHP file locally?

To locally run a PHP Script:

  1. Click the arrow next to the Run button. on the toolbar and select Run Configurations -or- go to Run | Run Configurations. A Run dialog will open.
  2. Double-click the PHP Script option to create a new run configuration.

How can I open PHP file without xampp?

The better way is to use PHP Desktop Application. It will allow you to run your PHP Script like a Desktop application and you don’t need to install Xampp or any other web server to run. After downloading the . Zip file unzips it to any folder that you like.