How do I select a dataset in SQL?

How do I SELECT specific data in SQL?


  1. SELECT column1, column2, … FROM table_name;
  2. SELECT * FROM table_name;
  3. Example. SELECT CustomerName, City FROM Customers;
  4. Example. SELECT * FROM Customers;

How do I SELECT a data from a table?

To select all columns of the EMPLOYEES Table:

  1. Click the icon SQL Worksheet. The SQL Worksheet pane appears.
  2. In the field under “Enter SQL Statement:”, enter this query: SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEES;
  3. Click the Execute Statement. The query runs.
  4. Click the tab Results. The Results pane appears, showing the result of the query.

How do you create a dataset in SQL?


  1. In the Library page, click Import Data.
  2. In the Import Data page, select a connection.
  3. Within your source, locate the table from which you wish to import. …
  4. Click the Preview icon to review the columns in the dataset. …
  5. Click Create Dataset with SQL. …
  6. The customized source is added to the right panel.

How do I SELECT two data in SQL?

To select multiple columns from a table, simply separate the column names with commas! For example, this query selects two columns, name and birthdate , from the people table: SELECT name, birthdate FROM people; Sometimes, you may want to select all columns from a table.

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Can you do select * in SQL?

You can select as many column names that you’d like, or you can use a “*” to select all columns. The table name that follows the keyword from specifies the table that will be queried to retrieve the desired results. … This SQL statement will match any first names that start with ‘Er’.

How do I select a last name in SQL?

Use the box below and click on Run Query to try it.

  1. SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Person.Person. SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Person.Person. xxxxxxxxxx. …
  2. SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Person.Person; SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Person.Person; xxxxxxxxxx. …
  3. SELECT * FROM Person.Person; /* Answer */ xxxxxxxxxx.

How do you SELECT data?

Select one or more cells

  1. Click on a cell to select it. Or use the keyboard to navigate to it and select it.
  2. To select a range, select a cell, then with the left mouse button pressed, drag over the other cells. …
  3. To select non-adjacent cells and cell ranges, hold Ctrl and select the cells.

What you call a SELECT statement to query data from a table?

Overview. SELECT is the most common operation in SQL, called “the query“. SELECT retrieves data from one or more tables, or expressions. Standard SELECT statements have no persistent effects on the database.

How do I SELECT a table in MySQL?


  1. Select all columns of a table. We use the SELECT * FROM table_name command to select all the columns of a given table. …
  2. Selecting specific column of a table. …
  3. Giving new name to the selected columns. …
  4. Concat two columns in SELECT query.
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How do you use a dataset?

In order to use a Dataset we need three steps:

  1. Importing Data. Create a Dataset instance from some data.
  2. Create an Iterator. By using the created dataset to make an Iterator instance to iterate through the dataset.
  3. Consuming Data. By using the created iterator we can get the elements from the dataset to feed the model.

What is dataset in SQL?

A dataset is a snapshot of all the information in a database at a given moment in time. The data in a dataset is further segmented into structures called tables. A table contains information that goes together. For example, all of the people in an address book could go in a table called Contacts.