How use JavaScript variable in JSP code?

Can we use javascript variable in JSP?

Yes You can access JSP variable in javascript using expression tag and vice versa.

How do I pass a javascript variable to another JSP page?

how to pass jsp value in using java script to another jsp

  1. function operation(){
  2. var frm = document.getElementById(“frm”);
  3. frm.action=”second.jsp? n1=”+<%=newname%>;
  4. }
  5. some jsp code.
  6. <form name=”frm” method=”post”>
  7. <%=String newname=name[i]%>
  8. .

Can we access javascript variable in JSP and vice versa?

3 Answers. JavaScript variable is on client side, JSP variables is on server side, so you can’t access javascript variables in JSP. But you can store needed data in hidden fields, set its value in client and get it on server over GET or POST.

How use javascript variable in JSP scriptlet tag?

Your javascript values are client-side, your scriptlet is running server-side. So if you want to use your javascript variables in a scriptlet, you will need to submit them. To achieve this, either store them in input fields and submit a form, or perform an ajax request.

Where should we write script tag in JSP?

In JSP, java code can be written inside the jsp page using the scriptlet tag.

There are three types of scripting elements:

  1. scriptlet tag.
  2. expression tag.
  3. declaration tag.
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Does Ajax call JavaScript?

To use AJAX in JavaScript, you need to do four things:

  • create a XMLHttpRequest object.
  • write the callback function.
  • open the request.
  • send the request.

How send data from JSP to Javascript?

Pass the your java script value to the servlet/controller, do your processing and then pass this value to the jsp page by putting it into some object’s as your requirement. Then you can use this value as you want.

Can I use Scriptlet in JavaScript?

Scriptlets can only be included in a JSP page (typically configured to be *. jsp). The statement as presented, if processed by the JSP compiler, would result in myVar being equal to ” as the scriptlet format you are using <% … %> executes Java code between the tags, but does not return a result.