Quick Answer: Do macros use SQL?

How do you write a macro in SQL?

There are three ways to define a SQL macro. If the current statement in the editor should be defined as a macro, select (highlight) the statement’s text and select Macros → Add SQL macro from the main menu. You will be prompted to supply a name for the new macro.

What are Oracle macros?

SQL Macros improve code reuse by factoring out common expressions and statements into reusable components. SQL Macros for scalar and table expressions were introduced in the Oracle database 20c preview release, and were made generally available in Oracle 21c.

What is macro in Teradata SQL?

A macro consists of one or more statements that can be executed by performing a single statement. Each time the macro is performed, one or more rows of data can be returned. A frequently used SQL statement or series of statements can be incorporated into a macro and defined using the SQL CREATE MACRO statement.

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How does macro work in Teradata?

Macro is a set of SQL statements which are stored and executed by calling the Macro name. Macro statements are executed as a single transaction. … If one of the SQL statements in Macro fails, then all the statements are rolled back.

Is SQL the same as VBA?

Yes, they are mutually exclusive. Actually, you could use VBA to achieve what SQL does. However, you couldn’t use SQL to achieve what VBA does. SQL isn’t a programming language, just look at what it stands for: Structured Query Language.

How do I create a macro query in Excel?

Query macros

  1. Define Addin objects. Dim StudioMacrosAddin, StudioMacros.
  2. Get Addin object from Excel. …
  3. Get COM object from Addin object. …
  4. Select the published file to run, and define other run properties (see Properties for a Query Addin object). …
  5. Open the published script file. …
  6. Run AddinObject to run Query script.

What is macro GoldenGate?

A macro is a built-in automation tool that enables you to call a stored set of processing steps from within the Oracle GoldenGate parameter file. A macro can consist of a simple set of frequently used parameter statements to a complex series of parameter substitutions, calculations, or conversions.

How do I record a macro in Oracle?

SQL-Developer: Using macros

  1. Activate the macro functions. Select “Tools/Preferences” from the main menu. …
  2. Record a macro. To start the recording of the macro, use an editor window of SQL-Developer and press the keys control (ctrl), shift and period (.) …
  3. Use the macro. Just press the keys control (ctrl) and period (.) …
  4. Example.
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What is the difference between macro and stored procedure in Teradata?

The macro contains only SQL and maybe dot commands that are only for use in BTEQ. … A stored procedure does not return rows to the user like a macro. Instead, the selected column or columns must be used within the procedure. A stored procedure contains SQL to access data from within Teradata.

What does macro do in SQL?

It’s a new, simpler way to encapsulate complex processing logic directly within SQL. SQL Macros allow developers to encapsulate complex processing within a new structure called a “macro” which can then be used within SQL statement. Essentially there two types of SQL Macros: SCALAR and TABLE.

Why we use macros in Teradata?

Macros are used to store sql statements that are frequently used, this eliminates the need for users to retype the SQL when needed. Macro may have numerous SELECT statements and DML’s but it can have only one DDL statement and that too must be the single statement.

How do you create a macro variable in PROC SQL SAS?

The INTO Statement in PROC SQL to Create Macro Variables

  1. data name_list; length name $10; input name $; …
  2. data likes; length name $10 likes $10; input name $ likes $; …
  3. proc sql noprint; select name. …
  4. data output; set likes; …
  5. proc sql noprint; select count(*) …
  6. %do i = 1 %to &obs; proc sql noprint; …
  7. data &name; set likes;

How do I call a macro in Teradata?

You can call macro by, EXEC <macro name>

Calling Parameterized macro:

  1. CREATE MACRO mc_employee (id INT) AS.
  2. (
  3. SELECT * FROM tbl_employee WHERE emp_no > :id;
  4. );
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What is the syntax for calling a macro?

Just type the word Call then space, then type the name of the macro to be called (run). The example below shows how to call Macro2 from Macro1. It’s important to note that the two macros DO NOT run at the same time. Once the Call line is hit, Macro2 will be run completely to the end.

How do I view a procedure in Teradata?


The SHOW PROCEDURE command has been added to the Teradata RDBMS. It returns the SPL source text of a stored procedure if the stored procedure is created with SPL option. SHOW PROCEDURE [<dbname>.]