Quick Answer: How does Veeam SQL backup work?

How does Veeam Backup SQL Server?

You can set up the Veeam Agent backup job to create transactionally consistent backups of Microsoft SQL Server and periodically back up database transaction logs. If Microsoft SQL Server fails, you can restore the Microsoft SQL Server from the necessary restore point of the backup.

Does Veeam Backup use SQL?

This also means that the Veeam snapshot backup is seen by SQL Server as a full database backup. In order to play nice with your own SQL Server backups, you want to select “Applications” and make sure your Veeam backup is configured in a suitable manner.

What is the purpose of backing up SQL transaction logs Veeam?

The transaction log backup is performed in the following way: Veeam Backup & Replication launches the parent backup job by schedule. The parent backup job creates an image-level backup of a Microsoft SQL Server VM and stores it in backup repository.

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How do I backup my Veeam database?

Expand the Databases tab to get to the DB you want to back up. Right click the desired DB –> Tasks —> Back Up… Go through the rest of the General and Options tab information to set the options to what you want. Click OK to start the Backup process.

How do I stop veeam SQL log backup?

Pass to the Guest Processing step of the wizard and click Applications. In the Application-Aware Processing Options window, select the VM and click Edit. On the SQL or Oracle tab of the VM Processing Settings window, disable transaction log backup. Click Finish to save the job settings.

Does SQL Native backup use VSS?

SQL Server provides support for Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) by providing a writer (the SQL writer) so that a third-party backup application can use the VSS framework to back up database files.

How do I browse Veeam backup files?

In Veeam Backup browser, select the necessary file or folder and click Open in Explorer on the toolbar. Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows will open the selected folder or file in Microsoft Windows Explorer. Open Microsoft Windows Explorer and browse for restored files and folders.

Which information is stored in the Veeam Backup & Replication SQL database?

Veeam Backup & Replication stores all information about backup infrastructure, jobs settings, job history, sessions and other configuration data in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Does Veeam truncate SQL?

If you back up database systems that use transaction logs, for example, Microsoft SQL Server, you can instruct Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows to truncate transaction logs so that logs do not overflow the storage space.

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How do you fix a transaction log for a database is full?

Try one of the 4 suggestion below to fix this issue:

  1. Under SQL Server Management Studio set the Maximum File Size under options for Altiris database to Unrestricted File Growth.
  2. Increase the Restricted File Growth (MB) size to a larger value creating space for transaction logs to grow.
  3. Shrink the log files from task.

What is a Veeam backup copy job?

Veeam’s Backup Copy Job can provide more than its name suggests. The primary task of Backup Copy Job is to copy existing backup data to another disk system in order to restore it later or even to send backup data to an offsite location (see the 3-2-1 Rule).

How do I manually backup SQL database?

Expand Databases, right-click SQLTestDB , point to Tasks, and then select Back Up…. On the General page in the Destination section select Disk from the Back up to: drop-down list. Select Remove until all existing backup files have been removed. Select Add and the Select Backup Destination dialog box will open.

How do I manually backup a SQL Server database?

To take a backup of your database, do the following: Launch SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and connect to your SQL Server instance. Expand the Databases node in Object Explorer. Right-click the database, hover over Tasks, and select Back up….

How do I manually backup a SQL database?

Right-click on the database you want to back up, then select Tasks > Back up. (This is not available for version 2018/2019) On the Back Up Database window, make sure the Database field contains the name of the database you want to back up. Select the Backup Type.