What is event object in JavaScript?

What is DOM event object?

DOM (Document Object Model) Events are a signal that something has occurred, or is occurring, and can be triggered by user interactions or by the browser. … Examples of DOM Events: When a user clicks the mouse. When a web page has loaded. When an image has been loaded.

What does an event object hold?

The event object is a regular object that holds information about the event that just happened.

What is an event property JavaScript?

The target event property returns the element that triggered the event. The target property gets the element on which the event originally occurred, opposed to the currentTarget property, which always refers to the element whose event listener triggered the event.

What are the properties of event object?

Event Properties and Methods

Property/Method Description
createEvent() Creates a new event
composedPath() Returns the event’s path
currentTarget Returns the element whose event listeners triggered the event
defaultPrevented Returns whether or not the preventDefault() method was called for the event

Is event deprecated?

Deprecated: This feature is no longer recommended. Though some browsers might still support it, it may have already been removed from the relevant web standards, may be in the process of being dropped, or may only be kept for compatibility purposes.

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How do you create an event object?

The below steps are followed in order to create one using a new Event.

  1. We create an event using the Event constructor.
  2. We listen to this event using the addEventListener() method.
  3. We trigger or dispatch the event using element. dispatchEvent(eventName) method.
  4. A custom Event named start has now been created.

Is an object on which event occurs?

The event target is the object on which the event occurred or with which the event is associated.

What is called as event property?

However, Event Properties are bits of extra information that you send along with your Events which describe the details of that action. They are usually specific to the Event they’re describing and don’t apply universally to other Events.

What is event currentTarget?

currentTarget. The currentTarget read-only property of the Event interface identifies the current target for the event, as the event traverses the DOM. It always refers to the element to which the event handler has been attached, as opposed to Event.

What is event bubbling in JavaScript with example?

Event bubbling is a method of event propagation in the HTML DOM API when an event is in an element inside another element, and both elements have registered a handle to that event.

What is an object property in JavaScript?

Object properties are defined as a simple association between name and value. All properties have a name and value is one of the attributes linked with the property, which defines the access granted to the property. Properties refer to the collection of values which are associated with the JavaScript object.

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