Which is the correct way to start a multiple line PHP comment?

Which is the correct way to write a multiple line PHP comment?

The multiple line PHP comment begins with ” /* ” and ends with ” */ “.

How do you insert a comment with more than one line?

Press Ctrl + /

To comment more than one line: Select all the lines that you would like to be commented.

How is a multi-line comment represented?

Multi-Line comments are represented by slash asterisk * ... *. It can occupy many lines of code, but it can’t be nested.

What is the actual way to add a single line comment in our PHP code?

How to write comments in PHP

  1. Answer: Use the Syntax “// text” and “/* text */” Comments are usually written within the block of PHP code to explain the functionality of the code. …
  2. Single Line Comments. PHP single line comment begins with // , See the example below: …
  3. Multi-line Comments. …
  4. Related FAQ.

What is the keyboard shortcut to comment multiple lines?

“Ctrl+/” just toggles selected text to a comment. If selected text spread across multiple lines, “Ctrl+/” toggles individual lines explicitly to comment instead of commenting out the entire block.

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What is the correct JavaScript syntax to insert a comment that has more than one line?

Explanation: Correct Syntax for multi-line comments in JavaScript is /*comment*/.

Which is a valid multi line comment in C?

Multi-line comment

Represented as /* any_text */ start with forward slash and asterisk (/*) and end with asterisk and forward slash (*/). It is used to denote multi-line comment. It can apply comment to more than a single line.

What is the difference between single line comment and multi line comment?

There is no difference whatsoever. All comments are removed so at execution comments don’t impact the program, regardless of their format. It’s a matter of convenience.

Which of the following can be used for multi line comment?

Answer: /*and*/ This is used for multi line comment in python..