Your question: What is delay loop in Java example?

What is a delay loop in Java?

Delay Loops in JAVA

The term ‘Delay loop’ refers to a small JAVA program that purposely induces time delay in execution. Time delay loops have a specific function of delaying execution. There is no other specific task of a delay loop.

How do you delay a loop?

The simplest option is to just use the __delay_ms() function alone; you just enter the milliseconds you want it to delay and that’s it.

Which loop is used for time delay?


using two loops. The inner loop is executed to provide approximately 100ms delay and is repeated 10 times, using outer loop to provide a total delay of 1 second.

How do you delay in Java?

The easiest way to delay a java program is by using Thread. sleep() method. The sleep() method is present in the Thread class. It simply pauses the current thread to sleep for a specific time.

What do u mean by delay loop?

Answer. A loop which is used to pause the execution of the program for some finite amount of time is termed as Delay loop.

What is wait () in Java?

Simply put, wait() is an instance method that’s used for thread synchronization. It can be called on any object, as it’s defined right on java. lang. Object, but it can only be called from a synchronized block. It releases the lock on the object so that another thread can jump in and acquire a lock.

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Can for loop be empty?

An empty loop is a loop which has an empty body, e.g. Infinite for loop is a loop that works until something else stops it.

What is null loop give example?

Here is an example of a null loop for (x=0; x<500000; x++). Notice that in this example, a semicolon is placed directly after the closing parenthesis of the for loop. Putting the semicolon directly after the for loop (and using no braces) creates a null loop—literally, a loop that contains no programming statements.

What is minimum time delay using NOP instruction?

If we use the entire memory with NOP instruction, then 64K NOP instructions will be executed. Then the overall delay will be 216 * 1.333µs = 87359.488µs, though the time is not so large and the program size is also large. So this type of NOP instruction can be used to generate a short time delay for few milliseconds.

Why is null loop called delay loop?

A delay loop is a type of loop which has no statement to execute in the body of a loop. null loop:a loop that contains no programming statements. so this reason null loop is also called as delay.