Best answer: What are the three types of selection statements used in Java?

What are the three types of selection statements in Java programming?

These are the types of selection statements in Java.

  • If statement.
  • If-else statement.
  • Switch statement.

What are the three types of selection statements?

– Selection statements: if and switch – Iteration statements: while, do, and for – Jump statements: break, continue, and goto. (return also belongs in this category.) Several of C’s statements must test the value of an expression to see if it is “true” or “false ” expression to see if it is true or false.

Which of the following is a selection statements in Java?

Java has three types of selection statements. The if statement either performs (selects) an action, if a condition is true, or skips it, if the condition is false. The if … else statement performs an action if a condition is true and performs a different action if the condition is false.

What is selection statement and its types?

The selection statement means the statements are executed depends – upon a condition. … This statement is also called a decision statement or selection statement because it helps in making decisions about which set of statements are to be executed. Types: Two-way branching. Multiway branching.

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Is if a selection statement?

1 The if Statement. If the value of i is not less than 1, then only the compound statement following the keyword else is executed. … The control expression in a selection statement is usually a logical expression, but it can be any expression of scalar type.

What is the if statement?

The IF statement is a decision-making statement that guides a program to make decisions based on specified criteria. The IF statement executes one set of code if a specified condition is met (TRUE) or another set of code evaluates to FALSE.

Which statement is only for equality in Java?

1. Which of these selection statements test only for equality? Explanation: Switch statements checks for equality between the controlling variable and its constant cases.

What is a iterative statement?

Iteration statements cause statements (or compound statements) to be executed zero or more times, subject to some loop-termination criteria. When these statements are compound statements, they are executed in order, except when either the break statement or the continue statement is encountered.

What are the different types of selection statements in Java?

• Java has several types of selection statements:

  • o if Statements, if … else statements, nested if statements.
  • o switch Statements.
  • o Conditional Expressions.
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