Does Appdynamics support PHP?

How do I start PHP agent in AppDynamics?

To access the wizard, in the Home page of the Controller, click Getting Started and then PHP. The wizard provides the minimum information that the agent needs to communicate with the AppDynamics Controller: Controller host and port, optionally SSL, application name and tier name.

What does AppDynamics controller do?

What are agents and the controller? AppDynamics agents are plug-ins or extensions that monitor the performance of your application code, runtime, and behavior. … All of this performance activity is displayed via the Controller UI, which allows you to view data insights from multiple applications in one place.

What are the different agents in AppDynamics?

For detailed installation information by agent type, see these topics:

  • Java Agent.
  • . NET Agent.
  • Node. js Agent.
  • PHP Agent.
  • Python Agent.
  • Serverless APM for AWS Lambda.
  • Apache Web Server Agent.
  • C/C++ SDK.

How does AppDynamics agent work?

AppDynamics auto-discovers the flow of all traffic requests in your environment and dynamically creates a topology map to visualize performance across the application ecosystem. Closely follow the digital experience of your users and get ahead of issues with web, mobile or synthetic transaction monitoring.

Which is better splunk or AppDynamics?

Unfortunately, Splunk has no such capability. As a result, AppDynamics is the better choice if you want to gain complete visibility over your infrastructure while minimizing the amount of manual configuration that you have to do before you can start using the product.

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Is AppDynamics owned by Cisco?

Acquired by Cisco for $3.7 billion in 2017, AppDynamics’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform provides greater visibility into application performance, allowing development operations (DevOps) teams to identify and remediate issues before they impact customer experience.

How are licenses counted in AppDynamics for .NET agents?

For . NET, licenses are counted per unique host. This means that 1 host = X number of apps = X number of nodes = 1 license. You can monitor any number of .

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