How does PHP handle multiple requests?

How does PHP handle multiple requests at the same time?

Requests are handled in parallel by the web server (which runs the PHP script). Updating data in the database is pretty fast, so any update will appear instantaneous, even if you need to update multiple tables.

How many requests per second can PHP handle?

As you can see here, the number of requests per second that can be handled steadily increases as we increase the PHP workers, until it reaches 50 workers.

Requests Per Second.

1 Worker 4.99999187
200 Workers 160.1164952
400 Workers 159.6665389

How are multiple requests handled?

If a server uses a number of sub-processes in order to serve multiple requests by allocating each socket to one sub-process then it is known as a multi-threaded server. This is how the server handles multiple connections at a time.

How does Apache handle request?

An Apache server will handle numerous HTTP requests at a single time. In order to do this, the server has to run on multiple “threads” of execution. A thread is a part of a program that branches off from the main program and runs at the same time in order to accomplish a specific task.

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Is multithreading possible in PHP?

PHP applications, undoubtedly work effectively with multithreading capabilities. Multithreading is something similar to multitasking, but it enables to process multiple jobs at one time, rather than on multiple processes. … There are several real-life examples of multithreading from banking to ticket booking.

How many connections can PHP handle?

2 Answers. I think the limit is at 65535. So you’d have to have 65535 connections at the same time to hit that limit since a regular mysql connection closes automatically.

How many users can PHP handle?

The very sensible tips that can handle 30,000 concurrent users per web server: Use PHP’s APC feature. APC is opcode cache that is “really a requirement in order for a website to have a chance at performing well.”

How do you handle a million requests per second?

Default Frontend Optimization

  1. Use cache headers in your responses (Etag, cache and so on)
  2. Store all static data on CDN if you can.
  3. Optimize your images using tinypng service.
  4. Inspect your javascript libraries. …
  5. Gzip all HTML/js/CSS content. …
  6. Try to reduce the number of requests to 3rd party services.

How does REST API handle multiple requests client?

Handling Concurrent Requests in a RESTful API

  1. User A requests resource 1 via a GET endpoint.
  2. User B requests resource 1 via a GET endpoint.
  3. User A makes changes on resource 1 and saves its changes via a PUT request.
  4. User B makes changes on resource 1, on the same fields as user A, and saves its changes via a PUT request.

How many concurrent requests can a server handle?

You can have 1,000 concurrent requests per second, depending on what is being requested.

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When 2 request comes to the database at the exact same time how will it handle it?

Also, it is not possible for two requests to “come in at the same time” over the network, if there is only one network card – if they come in at the same time, EXACTLY (on a gigabit network), then the two packets will collide; both requests will be retried after a slightly random time, until there is no collision.

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