Is MySQL trigger asynchronous?

Is MySQL asynchronous?

Any MySQL client that supports the X Protocol can provide asynchronous execution, either using callbacks, Promises, or by explicitly waiting on a specific result at the moment in time when it is actually needed.

Is trigger synchronous or asynchronous?

Triggers are run synchronously by default. Asynchronous triggers run in the background, independent of other operations that follow. They are typically run after an event completes.

Are SQL queries synchronous?

The sync-sql module is designed to make synchronous queries to the database. Since normal SQL queries are asynchronous in node. js but if you want to run it synchronously, then it is possible using this module. In synchronized SQL, the result set is returned when the query is executed.

Do MySQL support triggers and views?

Important: MySQL triggers activate only for changes made to tables by SQL statements. … They do not activate for changes in views, nor by changes to tables made by APIs that do not transmit SQL statements to the MySQL server.

What is asynchronous in MySQL?

As of MySQL 8.0. 16, the C API includes asynchronous functions that enable nonblocking communication with the MySQL server. … Using the asynchronous functions, an application can check whether work on the server connection is ready to proceed. If not, the application can perform other work before checking again later.

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Are database queries asynchronous?

Accessing a database is an example of an operation which is asynchronous by nature. It means that you have to wait for the results of a query, but while waiting, your program will continue to execute.

Is batch Apex synchronous or asynchronous?

Batch Apex is asynchronous execution of Apex code, specially designed for processing the large number of records and has greater flexibility in governor limits than the synchronous code.

Is SQL synchronous or asynchronous?

Definition: Synchronous replication requires the bandwidth of a LAN between the servers, possibly with an extended LAN in two geographically remote computer zones. Asynchronous replication can be implemented on a low speed WAN. The native SQL Server AlwaysOn mirroring replicates synchronously.

Is Cassandra synchronous?

sync write(or delete) to cassandra will block code execution until the client receives a confirmation that the operation has been completed based on the consistency level. On the other hand, async write(or delete) will send the query to cassandra, and then proceed with the code execution(will not block).

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