What does PHP artisan cache clear do?

What does php artisan config cache do?

Configuration Caching

To give your application a speed boost, you should cache all of your configuration files into a single file using the config:cache Artisan command. This will combine all of the configuration options for your application into a single file which can be quickly loaded by the framework.

What is php artisan route cache?

Using Route Caching

There’s a new Artisan command, route:cache , which serializes the results of your routes. php file–it’s performing the operation of parsing the routes once and then storing those result.

How do I clear my live server cache?

On Hosting Server

  1. go to this directory project-folder/bootstrap/cache.
  2. rename or delete config.php file.

How do you get clear in laravel?

There are many commands to clear the catch in Laravel.

The following is the syntax to clear cache in Laravel is given below:

  1. php artisan cache: clear.
  2. php artisan config: clear.
  3. php artisan cache: clear.

How do I clear my config cache?


  1. Open the relevant folder and delete all files EXCEPT the Cache.ini file. ( …
  2. The folder should now only have the Cache. …
  3. Modify the Cache.ini file by right-clicking and selecting Open With > Notepad.
  4. Delete the contents of the Cache. …
  5. Save and exit the Cache.ini file.
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What does php artisan optimize do?

artisan optimize (deprecated)

php artisan optimize creates a compiled file of commonly used classes in order to reduce the amount of files that must be loaded on each request. The file is saved to, or overwrites, bootstrap/cache/compiled. php , which needs to be writable by the web server (PHP process).

How do you cache a route?

To cache your routes file, you need to be using all controller and resource routes (no route closures). If your app is not using any route closures, you can run php artisan route:cache Laravel will serialize the results of your routes files. If you want to delete the cache, run php artisan route:clear.

Which routing algorithm is used in Internet?

The routing protocols used in the internet are ARPANET protocol, Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Open Shortest Path First protocol (OSPF), Interior Routing Protocol (IRP), Exterior Routing Protocol (ERP), Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP), Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP), Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet …

How is Route pronounced?

A: The word “route” can be pronounced either ROOT or ROWT in the US. This is true for both the noun, meaning a course or path, or the verb, meaning to send something by a specific course or path. In Britain, though, only the first pronunciation is common for the noun and verb.

How do I clear my cPanel server cache?

Clearing the LiteSpeed cache manually in cPanel

Click on File Manager in the FILES section of cPanel. Click on the text of the lscache folder in the left column of File Manager. Click the Select All button in the toolbar above the right column of File Manager. Click the Delete button in the top toolbar of File Manager.

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